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I love Brunswick, Maine.

Sure, it’s wonderful for my tech company to have a home base in the city Google selected as “The strongest online business community” in Maine.

But that isn’t why I love Brunswick, I feel like that’s just the icing.

The number one reason I love Brunswick: the food!

With two sushi bars, two Indian restaurants, three epic coffee shops, countless food venues, plenty of bars (ranging from sports-pub to something right out of NYC), and the infamous Frontier restaurant overlooking the ever-flowing Androscoggin river…. how did we get so lucky? Not to mention all of the above is just on Maine St!

The number two reason I love Brunswick: the people.

I know this is a weird add-on to the above statement, but I am fascinated equally by the living stories and the stories of the past of the people who have passed through this small city. Some of those historic figures include Joshua Chamberlain (former governor and military legend for the battle of Gettysburg), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (what a poet  – oddly he lived in Chamberlain’s house at one point!) and the inspiring Harriet Beecher Stowe (authoring the “book that sparked the Civil War” in Uncle Tom’s Cabin).

But even today, you can walk the street safely at any time, and if you see strangers on the sidewalk, chances are they will say hello to you. Many of the people I’ve met are approachable and just wanted a slower pace for their world than a big city would create. Young, old, and everyone in between – Brunswick is a melding pot of life and ideas where it’s encouraged to interact with each other as neighbors and friends.

I’ve lived in a few different states and a few different towns, and I grew up in Topsham (right next door to Brunswick) and no matter when or how I’ve tried to leave, I always wind up back here. Happy. Relaxed. With friends. And great food. And a baller internet connection.


edit: I wish I could have listed more of the amazing places here, like our 4 star restaurant or the prestigious Bowdoin College because you all help make Brunswick what it is

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  1. Mara says:

    We often find ourselves planning on going to Portland for dinner and then put the brakes one. So many amazing restaurants right here!


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