Kelly Dorsey

Member Spotlight: Kelly Dorsey

Name: Kelly Dorsey
Occupation: Most Fun Banker in the Midcoast!
Employer: Androscoggin Bank
Town of Residence: Freeport

My husband, Ian, grew up in Freeport and we decided that, after living in Ohio and New Hampshire, this is where we wanted to be when we started a family. Our families live in the neighboring towns so it seemed to be a natural fit.

Midcoast Edge supports our members’ personal and professional goals. What do you benefit from most by taking part in Edge events?

It’s a great way to keep in touch with people that we don’t normally get to see because, as a brewer, Ian’s hours of operation are a little different than the norm and the Edge has given us a way to continue networking with people in our own demographic together. The Edge is also family friendly so, as new parents, we really appreciate ways we can meet more people in environments where we know our little guy is welcome. It’s a very versatile network and we’ve made some really meaningful and lasting connections because of this group.

The Edge reinvests in the economic prosperity of the region and we want to see our communities grow. If someone is considering moving to or taking a job in the area and asks why you have, what would you say?

This area has a very hands-on and in-person focus. There is a personal touch with everything because the community is small enough to support that. That said, the people that make up the community are so welcoming and thoughtful, they make you feel like you truly belong here.

What’s on your reading list for professional development?

The Wall Street Journal, MaineBiz (religiously), and the Chive…because no matter how professional you are, if you don’t laugh no one will want to work with you.

Tell us a little about the causes you support or volunteer with in the area.

I sit on the finance committee for the Cathance River Education Alliance (CREA) in Topsham and I also sit on the board of the Midcoast Edge in an effort to do my part in attracting and keeping young people in Maine.

Many connections can be made from sharing common interests. What are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite book is still the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I hated reading when I was younger but when I ready Gatsby, it changed my opinion entirely. The story line about being rich and fabulous and then losing everything so fast was eye-opening and subsequently wildly entertaining for me. After that book, I was a lot more open to the idea of reading for fun.

Deep down inside we’re all a little nerdy about something. What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

I am obsessed with Queen Elizabeth I. She has been an idle of mine since I first learned about her in elementary school and the more I got to know about her as I grew up, the more fascinated I became. She is such a successful figure in history but her behavior was less than perfect most of the time. The first time I saw her memorial in Westminster Abbey, I cried.

What’s your favorite local spot?

I love Maine Beer Company! Not only because they are an outstanding example of two people with a passion and a very-focused vision, but because they are always willing to help out their neighbors at a moment’s notice. They have embraced the Midcoast community as their own and have given a newer, greener look to successful economic development in a town previously known for its national brands. They also make some killer beer!

What family activities in the Bath-Brunswick-Topsham and Freeport areas do you enjoy?

We really enjoy finding new or different places to eat all over town. In the last ten years Freeport and Brunswick have become little foodie meccas in their own rights, and it’s so fun to try each establishment out. We also love exploring around Wolfe’s Neck Farm on the weekends.

We want our members to benefit from peer-to-peer networking about living, working, volunteering and/or socializing in the Bath-Brunswick-Topsham and Freeport areas. Anything to plug?

The Midcoast has everything someone 21-40 would want, no matter where you are in your career. If you want more schooling, there are three colleges here. If you want a different job, the Chamber has over 700 members. If you want a hip place to live, this whole area is ripe with buying or renting opportunities, and is only 30 minutes from Portland or Augusta.

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